Surround yourself with people better than you?

As the mantra goes, "surround yourself with people better than you". But what can you do if the people around you are in their comfort zones and just taking things slow?

I have found that the environment I'm in dictates my motivation to a large extent. I have tried to find people in my locality where we gel a lot and are motivated to build new things, to dream big.

But now I realize it doesn't have to be just the physical area that you're in! The internet is a vast treasure trove of great people who have already figured their way in life and are building amazing things. Just go up to those communities that they are in, and spend time seeing what they do and interacting with them!

That environment gives you the force to push forward, and the more people you interact with the more you learn about different perspectives and different ways of thinking!!

I'm just getting started in my career and I am trying these out to be one step closer to the people I admire. What do you think? :)